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Hosting information

Hosting is currently OPEN at both and Hosting packages include unlimited space and bandwidth, along with a number of optional extras. For more information, go here.

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In my restless dreams...

Welcome to the collective, established by Rinoa with the sole purpose of acting as a free, friendly, and reliable web host to anyone searching for somewhere to put their fandom-related interests. Existing in multiple forms since 2006, has seen subdomains serve as fanlisting collectives, oTCG trade posts, message boards, fanfiction sites, personal portals, blogs, and fansites, owned both by Rinoa and various hostees who joined the party along the way.

For more information on the collective and the sites hosted here, visit the "collective" link in the menu. If you're looking for hosting, check out the "hosting" link and send a request through! Alternatively, if you stumbled over here by accident and want out... well, the "exit" button is up there too. Otherwise, feel free to have a look around!

Latest news: We're back!

Wow, this took a lot longer than I planned for. It's been a long time coming, but is open again and ready to accept new hostees! I'm pretty excited. :3

The site isn't completely done yet. I need to finish up the exit page, as it's naught but a pretty placeholder right now (eventually there will be links buttons and outgoing links and all those pretty things), and I have a few more resources to add for prospective hostees. Still, it's basically done.

So! Doors are open now; please feel free to check out the information and join up if you think the collective is for you! And then tell your friends to come too! The more the merrier. ^^

Right, it's 3am and my bed is calling. Til next time!

Posted on 07 Apr 2016 by Rinoa
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